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About the Show

Chasing Evil is a compelling true crime podcast featuring never-before-heard moments of real crimes told by the survivors and those who were called in to chase - and ultimately stop - evil. Host and creator, Emmy award-winning film and television producer Christopher Godsick, goes behind the scenes to share the untold stories of criminal cases including the infamous fraudster Bernie Madoff, notorious drug lord El Chapo, the recovery of missing children and much more.

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About the Host

I have worked in the entertainment community for my whole career, and in all the jobs I’ve had, they all have one thing in common, the search for great stories and engaging characters. I started my career sorting mail at the William Morris Agency in LA, and with a lot of luck and perseverance, I eventually became a motion picture agent. I worked with some of the top talent in Hollywood and also met my future bride.  After a few years I left to team up with my client, legendary director John Woo. We did some fun action films like “Broken Arrow” and “Face Off”. I then joined New Line Cinema as a Sr. Vice President of Production where I bought the future hit “Shazam," got yelled at by Sean Connery, and won a bet with Adam Sandler. I left three years later to produce “Take the Lead” starring Antonio Banderas. One day I was introduced to the extremely talented British writer and director Armando Iannucci and a year later we started work on what would become the comedy hit “Veep” for HBO. I was nominated for five Emmys for my work as an Executive Producer and was fortunate enough to win two statues. I was still on top of the world when I returned home after the celebrations and my wife reminded me that it was trash night and the cans needed to be taken out to the curb! I’ve developed projects in several different genres and now I’m diving into something new. I found what I was searching for… great stories and engaging characters…and now I’m hooked!!

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